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Jan 1 2020
We can arrange RATED/NON RATED Bank Instrument (BG/SBLC/LC/DLC) Providing Program with good Lease and Purchase.

1) What are the types of instruments your company works on?

2) What are the name of the Banks where the instruments can be issued from?

3) What should be the minimum face value of Bank Guarantee/Standby letter of Credit?


4) What should be the maximum face value of Bank Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit?

Total Contract Value 500 MILLION USD/EURO, Maximum Tranche Value will be 100 MILLION USD/EURO

5) What should be the Minimum Face Value of the letter of credit/documentary letter of credit?

500,000.00 USD/EURO

6) What should be the maximum face value of the Letter of credit/Documentary Letter of Credit?


7) What will be the Monetization/Discount percentage for Standby Letter of Credit/Bank Guarantee?

The Monetization/Discount percentage will depend on the instrument issuing bank credit rating and the face value of the instrument. For BG/SBLC issued from the Top rated banks the LTV will be approximately 60%-65%, and for the instruments issued from Non-Rated banks the LTV will be up to 20%

8) What will be the discounted price for the Letter of Credit/ Documentary Letter of Credit?

The discounted price for the LC/DLC will depend on the Issuing Bank, Face value of the Instrument, Validity of the instrument.

9) Will the receiver provide Payment Guarantee?

Yes, sure. The receiving bank will send payment guarantee MT 799/MT 199 Swift in reply to the Pre advice MT 799/ MT 199 Swift from the issuing Bank.

10) What are the required documents to Monetize/discount Financial Instrument?

11) Can you meet with us and close the transaction on table?

Yes, of course. You are welcome to our office and we always prefer to meet with our clients to do fair and transparent business together.

12) Can you arrange any direct interaction with Monetizer?

Yes, Sure. Post approval of application and Acceptance of Term Sheet We can arrange a Skype Conference Call with the Monetizer/Discounter directly to discuss various aspects of the transaction.

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