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Jan 1 2020
We can arrange RATED/NON RATED Bank Instrument (BG/SBLC/LC/DLC) Providing Program with good Lease and Purchase.

Lending Nine act as financial advisor in assisting our clients in Project Finance through Non-Recourse Program against BG/SBLC/MTN/Bank Draft keeping as collateral. On approval of our compliance team we can close any deal within 20 Banking Days.

We are offering the best opportunities to get finance for your project. With all our services, we are providing now project finance with Bank Instrument (i.e. BG/ SBLC/ LC/Bank Draft) discounting or monetization. Our monetizers accepts any reputed bank instruments. Fresh cut instruments are most likely to work with.We can provide up to 60%-65% of the face value of the instrument as non-recourse loan i.e non repayable.


1.Submit the Issuing Bank RWA Letter, Client Information Sheet and copy of Passport of the beneficiary.

2.After successful due diligence, the DOA draft for NON-RECOURSE LOAN/MONETIZATION/DISCOUNTING will be sent to the client.

3.The DOA will be signed by the both parties and thus become full commercial contract.

4.Within 48 hours after signing the Contract, Beneficiary instructs his bank to send the Pre advise confirming RWA to send MT760 via MT799 to Monetizer’s designated bank details.

5.Monetizer will reply with SWIFT MT 799 confirming RWA to receive BG including acceptable Verbiage.

6.Within 48 hours client will instruct his bank to issue the instrument through MT 760 to the monetizer’s designated bank confirmed by 2 bank officer.

5.Not later than 10-15 (Ten to Fifteen) banking days of receipt & verification of the instrument, Monetizer release the 1st tranche as agreed to the designated bank account of client as a NON RECOURSE LOAN/MONETIZED VALUE/DISCOUNTED AMOUNT.

6.The LTV/MONETIZED VALUE/DISCOUNTED PERCENTAGE will be 50%-80% of the face value of the SBLC from top rated banks.

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Lending Nine is representing Associate in Nursing Investment platform of Banking and Finance business specialists with over eight Years expertise and emphasizes on Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), MTN (Mid Term Note), LTN (Long Term Note), surgical procedure (Private Placement Programs), Managed Bank Guarantee Programs, monetisation and Non-Recourse Funding. people from our dedicated management have worked with the monetary Instruments Department of World prime Banks and Financial establishments.Read More...

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